Tuesday, October 31, 2006


OK, so in the last couple of weeks, I've seen 2 or 3 TV ads (Verizon Wireless for one, off the top of my head) and they're starting to scare me.
See, I have word-phobia. Or is it word-peeve?
The biggest thorn that's been slammed into my eardrum, of course, is amazing.
The word "amazing" is just about on death's door. It has been overused, beaten to a pulp. It used to mean something, but now it's been used to describe just about everything from the 1969 NY Mets, to yogurt, to socks. Amazin' ain't what it used to be.
But now, in these commercials, there is a new horror on my horizon. It's budding, starting to morph, and looking a lot like a thorn-in-the-making.
The new word/horror?
Watch. You'll see.


  1. Oh great....now that you've brought this to my attention, I'll be PAINED by all the "nice" mentions. Ah yes, misery loves company. Lol!

    I tend to focus in on repeated words too...I'll share them with ya soon!

    ; )


  2. LOL Everytime I use it or someone else does I think of you! (With an inside, I'm sorry Jimmy)lmao!


  3. Pamela2:19 PM

    I'll keep an eye out!! LOL!

  4. I hate when a business is some kind of "headquarters". HATE IT. What, we check in there periodically and get instructions?


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