Thursday, October 19, 2006


I really try not to be bitchy in real life. Half of the grumpy persona I put out in here is more for comedic effect, just trying to be the "old grouch" at times, cause I think it's funny.

I think though, how great life can be when you have a few genuine, true friends that no one can take away from you, as hard as they might try. I'm smart enough to know who I can count on. And I'm glad that they know how I feel about them.

Can't take that away no-how. Imagine having friends that good. I do.


  1. :)bffs lol

  2. It's great that you have friends like that Jimmy, everyone needs a few good friends and lucky man you are you've got em! : )

    I like your "grouchy" old dude persona, cause we all know you are just a big kitten inside!

    Ha! : D


  3. I followed your link and read over your blog. Nice. :) Hope all's well with the rehab! You're right -it does sound more 'rock star.'

    Lady M

  4. colleen6:13 PM

    Im not surprised that you have friends you can count on. . I bet lots can count on you too.

  5. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Jimmy you can count on me as a friend ~ because you are such a lovely sincere person who I am really fond of ~ Ally Lifewithally

  6. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Jimmy you can count on me as a friend ~ as you are such a lovely sincere person who I am very fond of ~ Ally~Lifewithally

  7. I think that one of the best that they know how you feel. Too many people don't take the time (or guts) to tell people that they matter. Good for you!


  8. You are blessed to have good friends & you deserve it!

  9. I'm always here for you if you need it :)

    But no, I'm not surprised you have those friends at all!

    Yes, it's fantabulous when you discover those true friends in your life On and offline!


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