Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Crave A Ramble

Katie Couric might be in trouble. I have always liked her, but since the move to the evening news, she is FLAT. Why is she doing the robot? I know she has to maintain a certain decorum, but...zzzzz

Lewis Black made me laugh out loud. That's right: LOL.

If you acquaint yourself with 100,000 people in your life, but only wind up with 1 true friend, I still say it was worth it.

Someone told me I was "sweet" today. That is, by God, the nicest compliment that I am ever given. I'd love to qualify to have that on my grave. Not handsome, not suave, not rich, not famous. Just "sweet". I love that so much.

I think if the Democrats blow the next Presidential Election, they need to go out of business. How's that?

I know that a lot of people say "love hurts". But loving someone so much that it hurts is a lot better. I know how it feels, 3 times over, because I have 3 children whom I love so much it hurts. I only regret that I don't get to be with them nearly as much as I need to be.

As of October 12th, 2006, I have broken 236,824 things in my life. Don't let me hold the good china, ok?

So I thought when the Doc repaired the legs, the boo-boos would be all gone, all better. I have a ruptured disc in my back. Oh yay. Boo-boos not all gone. How do you know what the hell hurts if your WHOLE BODY FALLS APART? I'm not allowed to fall anymore.

Clinical depression is not self-inflicted, nor is it anything to be ashamed of, any more than the measles would be. It's an illness. It can be treated. It is treated. Shame is not part of the equation. No one asks for a common cold either. But get help.

I mention, quite often, that boots on a woman does it for me. May I also add that black stockings with said boots is a bonus? Or is that too weird? If it's weird, why would anyone wear them?

I like Jewel's music. I also think she is incredibly beautiful. She also has a shape, and some curves. She will not fit inside a drinking straw. And guess what? That's a good thing.

When a woman cries, it affects me. Every time. Without fail. I wish no one had to cry sad tears. Happy tears pretty though.

If you put your foot through the TV screen, you can't watch it any more. Change the channel instead.

I don't remember if I got screwed more before or after I had medical insurance. It reminds me of a line I once uttered: "no sex tonight Dear, I got f*cked all day".

That's rude, isn't it? Sorry, I wasn't going to add that line, but I already clicked the PUBLISH button.

I wish I was born rich instead of Stupid.

How do you spell "enthusiasm"?

I found another empty plate in the fridge today.

If you found you had 100,000 comments on an entry, would you try to read them all?

One thing the Internet has taught me: no matter what anyone could be the nicest thing EVER...someone will find a way to disagree or complain. And no matter WHAT the topic is on a message board, someone will post something derogatory about the President, and someone else will blast a religious blurb into the discussion. I am never, ever, EVER going to be ok with anyone who hates another while using religion as a podium. My God doesn't encourage me to hate. Simple enough.
Last thought...
I was reading up on's shipping policies. It said that standard delivery can take up to 21 days. Do they now WALK your product to your house or something?


  1. Oh my oh my Whata entry! I think some people are just meant for morning TV ... Democrats rock my socks! And we better win this time around ... boots and black stockings, not weird at all (well maybe a little but you are sweet we will let cha slide hehe) ... silly man stop getting hurt or or hmmm or I will just have to come up there and watch your every move bwahahaha ... Jewel is hawt! and really can sing (does she ever wear boots?) ... AMAZON rocks my socks! Ya know how I ordered my books like on the 2nd, well they got here today and I didn't pay shipping so I rock! bwahahahahaha ... feel better L - man and have fun tomorrow!

    OH and there is no doubt how much you love your kids, you are a perfect father for them.

    Did I get to everything in here? Whew!


  2. cassie11:30 PM

    I have black stalkings and boots so it better not be weird. i hope you wouldnt read 980894298048390208349 comments because most sound fakish. ly

  3. Haven't watched Katie since the move, and Lewis Black always makes me LOL. 100,000 to 1...I can relate to, and yes, sweet is you, but keeping track of everything you ever broke...??? Sorry to hear the boo-boos are not all better.

    If I got 100,000 comments I'd read them, after I fainted from shock!

  4. Wow! That was some entry. Lewis Black cracks me up too. My husband was reading his book on a plane and insisted on laughting out loud the entire trip!!....and naturally reading sections aloud to me.

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed this entry of random thought ... You are so far from stupid ... You're pretty dang cool as far as I am concerned.

    I liKe Jewel too. Her music "says something".

  6. Jimmy,
    Now that was a lot of gear changing. I was not bored and had to read the entire entry, each and every word. From Democrats to china and boots. Please do not fall down anymore. Hugs,

  7. Jimmy,
    That was a lot of gear shifting and I hope you don't fall down anymore! Hugs,
    Lisa : )


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