Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Road Warriors

OK, NJ is home to an odd breed of folks. I think of them as the "Road People".

Nope, nothing sinister, just strange.

When you drive around NJ, you'll see them. They're otherwise ok people, except they walk in the roads. I don't mean walking along the shoulder, I mean in the road. I have no idea why. I saw one Brainiac on Friday in the roadway of a Service area, carrying on a chat on her cellphone, completely oblivious to the world (and many cars) around her.

It's simply annoying during the day; at night, it's downright stupid and dangerous. While drivers in most states have to avoid the occasional deer, raccoon or 'possum, we here in NJ have the added delight of avoiding imbeciles who've been born without the gene that tells the brain "roadway -bad!"

Oh, and they always seem to be wearing dark clothes at night, too.

I get thoughts of the Darwin Awards when I see one of these champs, then I get evil ideas.

Then I get thoughts of prison cells, so I do my best to avoid them.


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