Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rehab YAYYY 3

OK, not too bad today. I'm feeling almost habbed.

Of course, going in early made a difference in that I didn't feel as though the session was as rushed. (hey, they wanna get home too, I guess).

It also meant that I met up with some stiff competition today. 14 year old girl. She's recovering from a broken HIP. Did it in gymnastics. Adorable, very talkative young lady, gave me all the details ("I didn't even cry, but I knew it was busted"- that was her talking...I cried like a baby, lol)

So we were side-by-side on the stationary bikes, and it started out harmlessly enough.


"Ha, ha, I'm going faster than you"

I almost said "are NOT are NOT" but I resisted. Instead, honestly, I cranked it up a notch. So of course it turned into a race, and I pedaled faster, faster, faster, foot slipped off pedal, me and the bike flew out the window, landed 2 stories below in the parking lot. WHAM.

OK, not really. I just wanted to distract you from the fact that I got out-biked.

Anyway, everything we did, we did together, she just did it better is all. So cute. I wanted to feed her to a lion! She was very athletic, being a gymnast and all, and me being older than dirt, lost. OK????????

Ha. I loved it. First time I ever had fun at rehab. She was calling me Old Man 15 minutes into the session. She kindly noticed "Man you sweat a lot!"

My routine got a new exercise. You lie on your back, raise your legs, place feet firmly on the wall, and at the count of 3, push really hard and tip the building over.

Nope, again, not really. I wanted to use that to distract you from the fact that she did more reps on the leg press than I did. I did use more weight, but...

I feel well. I'm walking almost normally. I'm due to be in my brother's bridal party next Friday, coincidentally, Friday the 13th, and I'd rather not walk the aisle like Frankenstein. I need to look good in that tuxedo, ya know.

My new rehab partner and I finished up at about the same time, and we laid on the tables side-by-side for the electro-therapy. I was almost tempted to push the "RUSSIA" button on her machine when no one was looking, but thought better of it. My luck, she'd beat me up in front of everyone.

Honestly, though, she was delightful, and good for the spirits. Had everyone there smiling and laughing. I didn't even mind that it was AT MY EXPENSE! Kids can do that for you. I just wish I had that kind of spirits. I'd have been better a long time ago.

She told me to change my appointment to work out with her tomorrow. But tomorrow's my day off. Bratty and bossy. She's gonna do just fine.


  1. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Don't you just love it when God gives you those lovely little surprises in life to lift your spirits?


  2. Anonymous9:40 PM

    ok what did i miss while away? you break a leg? hope all is well with you thanks for droppin in on me a few days ago great to hear from you:-)~kbear

  3. The "Russia button" was hysterical! I rehab/aerobics in the gym pool and the people are the best part :)

  4. I like her! I bet she was a complete doll and kept you in your place. My friend broke her hip when we were sophmores ... Yikes!


  5. She sounds like me Except I wouldn't call someone old man or comment on their sweat level LOL

    I like her At least you'll be able to enjoy yourself when she's around.

  6. It's good to make friends in those situations. I actually made friends with a couple of the therapists...we went out one night together. You may also find you meet some loony tunes!
    Anyway, so glad you're almost walking...yay you!
    So where's the bachelor party??



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