Monday, October 30, 2006


I think it's fair to say that American women have gone through some major advances in just the last 50 years alone. Most of the change is for the better. Compare the life of a woman in 2006 to that of one living in 1956 and you really can see how life has changed.
While women seem to have been gradually moving upward, what about the average American man is that much different? More precisely, what changes have men achieved that they themselves set out to achieve?
I'm not talking about science, technology, mankind as a while, I'm talking about the average, every day man. What's different?
OK, so there have been some major "attempted changes", i.e. The Metrosexual movement, Sensitivity Training, and all that, but again, who initiated those? Usually not the fellas.
I'll admit that some men have gotten with it, and are progressive thinkers and all. The job market is still not pretty, but admittedly it is different than it was even 20 years ago. There is some room out there in the Boys' Club for women, and it's not all about sexist behavior anymore.
But again, what's different about the men?
There is an age-old frustration on the part of women toward men, and it's still basically the same. You could hear a woman in 2006 exclaim "Argggh, MEN!" in much the same fashion that Lucille Ball or Wilma Flintstone did years ago.
We leave the seat up.
We forget to call when we're going to be late.
We forget to hang things up.
We still hate washing the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.
We watch sports, or just TV in general (although now there are far many more choices, yayyy!)
We don't ask directions when we're driving and lost, and we still insist on doing the driving.
I'm not sure. Maybe the things that women want from men are unattainable? Think about it...
Your dog can't speak. He may be able to bark on command, or even eke out something that might sound like a word, but it isn't speech.
Do you get rid of the dog because he can't talk to you? Or do you learn to live with, and work with his limitations?
And try getting your TV to microwave some popcorn.
Just something to think about.


  1. Actually I prefer the dog because he can't talk. Now if I could just train the husband to follow the pup's lead.


  2. I like men just the way they are. Yep, I still say, "Men, pffft" when they irritate me, but the truth is I adore them. And another truth of mine is that I liked the way it was for women when men were gentlemanly and sheltered their women and women's lib didn't make a habit of busting men's balls. ::sigh:: I really should have lived in another era.

    And yanno, Jimmy? You are an example of the best kind of man. You have the sensitivity thing down pat, but not in that doofus Alan Alda kind of way. You are just an all-around good guy.



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