Thursday, October 19, 2006

PT 6 (formerly Rehab YAYYY!) 1000's and 1000's

So we've decided that "rehab" is not an apt description of what I'm doing. Physical Therapy is the more appropriate term, so I'm going to go with that from now on. Besides, I don't think I was ever "habbed", so "rehab" wouldn't apply to me.
Anyway, I do babble a lot.
Today, on this semi-beautiful Fall day, "Fall" almost took on a new meaning. I opened the front door and nearly went into the abyss. the front steps were gone. Gone where? Just gone. There was dirt there. No steps, just some dirt and sand. I mean the fall would have only been 1000 feet or so, and I probably would have survived, but it was a little odd to think someone came and took the steps. And so quietly. You'd think I'd be aware that the steps were being taken.
Turns out it wasn't exactly theft. Some fine fellas were hired by the Property manager to come on in and fix up the rickety brick steps. They'd successfully removed the old ones, and I guess decided a little rest was in order, so they took a break. No big. I just think a little "head's up" would have been in order. That's a hell of a drop.
So we managed that well enough. I even managed to drive over to the Physical Therapy Center in plenty of time. There are days that, although it's only 3 miles to the place, it feels like 1000 miles with all the dolts that are operating motor vehicles around here.
Had to stop in quick by the Doc before PT. He mentioned I might want to think about losing 1000 pounds or so, would really help my back to do that. I figure that's no good, because then I would weigh negative 800 pounds and that might not be beneficial to anyone.
We added a new exercise to the regimen today. No one was there to play with me today. The Therapist put this step thingy on the floor and instructed me to step up using the right leg, and then down using the right leg. Do it 1000 times I think he said. It was tiring.
Now we're incorporating back therapy in with the leg therapy. I have HNP of the l4 -l5 disc. Ruptured disc, herniated disc, just owwie. I have no recollection of any one thing I did to rupture said disc. Nor do I recall tearing the ACL. All's I know is I gots me some boo-boos. But they are getting better, and I can walk. The boo-boo on the spine from earlier in the year isn't a problem anymore.
So the new back exercises included one I would say is like "butterfly" lifts. Hold the weight in each hand and raise the weights up and out at my sides. Only problem I had was he had me using like 5 pound sissy weights. Hmmph.
Why did they have to make the sissy weights pink? It's bad enough I'm working out with something so light, now everyone gets to look and snicker at Big Boy hoisting pink weights. And doing BUTTERFLIES. Yeesh, I don't win.
Have fun tonight, whatever you do. Just make sure the steps are there first.


  1. My husband and I do calisthenics and some work with dumbells 3 times a week. We do flies. He uses 10 pound weights, one in each hand, and I use 5. That's as much as I want to use!

  2. LOL Aww, Jimmy. If anyone gives you hell over it Just say it's a cover for how tough you really are. Then Flex ;)

  3. Oh wow...sorry you took a spill there. Somebody must have really knocked you off your feet!

    Glad you're keeping up with PT...even if it IS with the sissy weights. Pink is pretty.


  4. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Methinks, removing steps from a rehab building is not a good idea.
    I would love to see you lifting little pink weights. I bet you are soooooooooo cute. Maybe you should wear a pink tutu next time you go...



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